Growth Modeling of Longitudinal Data  
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Growth models examine the development of individuals on one or more outcome variables over time. These outcome variables can be observed variables or continuous latent variables. Observed outcome variables can be continuous, censored, binary, ordered categorical (ordinal), counts, or combinations of these variable types if more than one growth process is being modeled. In growth modeling, random effects are used to capture individual differences in development. In a latent variable modeling framework, the random effects are reconceptualized as continuous latent variables, that is, growth factors.

Mplus takes a multivariate approach to growth modeling such that an outcome variable measured at four occasions, for example, gives rise to a four-variate outcome vector. In contrast, multilevel modeling typically takes a univariate approach to growth modeling where an outcome variable measured at four occasions gives rise to a single outcome for which observations at the different occasions are nested within individuals, resulting in two-level data. Due to the use of the multivariate approach, Mplus does not consider a growth model to be a two-level model as in multilevel modeling but a single-level model. With longitudinal data, the number of levels in Mplus is one less than the number of levels in conventional multilevel modeling programs. The multivariate approach allows flexible modeling of relationships between the outcomes such as correlated residuals over time and regressions among the outcomes over time.

In Mplus, there are two options for handling the relationship between the outcome and time. One approach allows time scores to be parameters in the model so that the growth function can be estimated. This is the approach used in structural equation modeling. The second approach allows time to be a variable that reflects individually-varying times of observations. This variable has a random slope. This is the approach used in multilevel modeling. Random effects in the form of random slopes are also used to represent individual variation in the influence of time-varying covariates on outcomes.
Mplus growth modeling allows the analysis of multiple processes, both parallel and sequential; allows regressions among growth factors and random effects; and allows the growth model to be part of a larger latent variable model.

When observed outcome variables are all continuous, Mplus has seven estimator choices: maximum likelihood (ML), maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF, MLM, MLMV), generalized least squares (GLS), and weighted least squares (WLS) also referred to as ADF. When at least one outcome variable is binary or ordered categorical, Mplus has seven estimator choices: weighted least squares (WLS), robust weighted least squares (WLSM, WLSMV), maximum likelihood (ML), maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF), and unweighted least squares (ULS). When at least one outcome variable is censored, unordered categorical, or a count, Mplus has six estimator choices: weighted least squares (WLS), robust weighted least squares (WLSM, WLSMV), maximum likelihood (ML), and maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF).
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Timepoints9-11-13  11:51 amBengt O. Muthen234
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LGCM and cross-lagged5-26-05  5:34 amLinda K. Muthen4
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MAR instead of censored analyses?3-16-08  10:50 amLinda K. Muthen13
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Sample size for LGM with missing data option8-01-05  11:15 amDaniel3
Binary case / Growth Curve Analysis8-08-05  2:28 pmbmuthen2
Individually varying times8-09-05  10:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Growth modeling about Binary Responses8-09-05  2:58 pmLinda K. Muthen2
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Growth modeling and latent growth curve analysis8-10-08  10:00 amBengt O. Muthen8
Suggestion for Mplus 4 Documentation9-11-05  7:02 amLinda K. Muthen2
Non-Positive Definite Psi Matrix9-15-13  4:12 pmLinda K. Muthen61
Which model would be appropriate to my data?10-01-05  8:16 ambmuthen2
Theta Matrix--Non positive Definite9-06-12  9:49 amWilliam Johnston5
Latent growth factors predicting binary outcomes7-21-06  8:44 amBengt O. Muthen13
Simulation and Growth Modeling8-20-13  1:24 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Admixture model - M+3-06-06  10:50 ampoker casino1342
LGM with different data collection between groups10-14-05  12:57 pmPatrick Malone7
Basic questions concerning LGM 11-15-05  5:53 pmbmuthen4
GCM - wide range of ages at baseline3-06-06  10:56 ampoker casino1746
Growth modeling with parallel processes 9-06-12  10:07 amLinda K. Muthen31
Basics of model estimation11-04-05  9:49 amLinda K. Muthen2
Two-level latent growth modeling (ex 9.12-9.13)11-12-05  6:32 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Intercept-slope relation4-12-11  6:09 amLinda K. Muthen8
Time-varying Covariates ..3-06-06  10:50 ampoker casino2385
Comparing growth curves11-23-05  6:40 pmbmuthen2
Comparing growth curves3-25-09  10:35 amLinda K. Muthen9
Dist Out - Time Vary CV - User Spec Start Values8-25-08  2:55 pmTracie Barnett5
Missing Data12-01-05  2:05 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Appropriate df in mean-adjusted chi-square calc12-07-05  7:31 amLinda K. Muthen2
Estimated means for latent growth factors 12-13-05  9:24 amLinda K. Muthen2
Diff between LGC and RE models1-11-06  9:32 amLinda K. Muthen9
Growth of normed data12-15-05  4:25 pmbmuthen2
Can this be estimated using LGC?12-17-05  2:11 pmanonymous3
Growth modeling with factor scores?12-20-05  5:04 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Time-varying covariates in GMM5-17-12  1:57 pmLinda K. Muthen13
Latent Growth Curve modeling - some Questions8-01-13  2:03 pmBengt O. Muthen24
Class membership in LGC mixture modelling?1-01-06  12:15 pmLinda K. Muthen3
Z-scores in LGM 12-29-08  2:17 pmLinda K. Muthen8
C#1 ON cg#1 command on GMM with known classes1-05-06  10:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
LGM: Multiple indicator and regular models 1-09-06  8:41 amLinda K. Muthen4
Total effects 1-11-06  6:29 amLinda K. Muthen2
Power to detect group differences in slope1-12-06  2:37 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Slope as mediator10-21-11  8:43 amBengt O. Muthen8
Interpretation Issue of Growth Curve Modeling1-12-06  2:39 pmLinda K. Muthen2
LGM with non-linear data9-28-11  1:05 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Correlated Errors in Growth Curve Models10-11-10  11:31 amLinda K. Muthen8
Multigroup tests in multiple growth curve model 1-27-06  8:54 amLinda K. Muthen3
Unbalanced data9-05-12  6:26 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Graphical display 2-11-06  10:46 amLinda K. Muthen3
Interaction between two slopes4-02-13  10:15 amBengt O. Muthen8
Natural log transformation in growth model10-17-09  4:56 pmLinda K. Muthen9
Can Mplus 4 estiamte piecewise Gompertz model?2-28-06  4:20 pmbmuthen4
Survival Mixture Analysis4-05-12  1:40 pmLinda K. Muthen22
LGC for 3-group RCT4-21-11  6:11 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Model fit indices for two-part growth model11-09-12  2:25 pmLinda K. Muthen12
Mixture growth modeling on sequential processes11-29-06  8:54 amDaniel Rodriguez6
Convergence for Linear vs. Nonlinear Models3-22-06  8:02 amBengt O. Muthen2
Parallel Process Growth Model3-28-06  1:36 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Smoking cessation trial3-14-09  4:59 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Poisson distribution for count data?9-12-12  6:51 amJon Heron15
Sibling clustering in LGM4-04-06  6:01 pmdaniel adkins5
Saving intercept and slope scores4-06-06  2:58 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Count Data in LDA Using the Poisson Distribution4-13-06  11:09 amBengt O. Muthen2
Binary Outcome Growth Model9-28-10  10:22 amLinda K. Muthen8
Growth model output 4-20-06  11:39 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple group LGM -- some questions2-25-12  9:20 amLinda K. Muthen43
Lgm with missing data10-04-06  5:19 amAnnie Desrosiers10
Multiple mediation analysis5-04-06  2:32 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Multilevel growth model (three-level model) ...2-29-12  8:13 pmBengt O. Muthen30
Baseline by Tx Interactions in LGM5-24-06  5:58 amAntonio A. Morgan-Lo5
Interactions in zero-inflated poisson LGCM5-24-06  2:47 pmNicki5
Simultaneous growth model-Complex survey data5-30-06  2:43 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Wlsmv estimation6-06-06  10:30 amLinda K. Muthen4
How to get predicted values out of a growth model6-24-11  4:56 pmLinda K. Muthen9
DTSA latent variable as a predictor?6-15-06  8:42 amBengt O. Muthen2
Multilevel vs. multivariate approach11-01-12  1:59 pmBengt O. Muthen20
Limiting the latent classes in a known class6-22-10  5:58 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Truly Nonlinear Models7-26-06  4:51 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Growth curves and random slopes10-22-09  10:05 amLinda K. Muthen6
Fscoefficients in latent growth models7-31-06  2:48 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Freely estimated time scores and more8-01-06  9:29 amLinda K. Muthen2
Interpreting Covariate Effects under ML estimation8-07-06  7:59 amBengt O. Muthen2
Auxillary threshold parameterization binary LCM8-08-06  6:14 amLinda K. Muthen2
Dynamic Nonlinear Panel data10-09-06  4:30 amSanjoy Bhattacharjee6
Binary LCM12-19-07  9:02 amLinda K. Muthen13
Significance test in LCM8-30-06  9:06 pmShige Song3
Class enumeration8-28-06  1:21 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Recognising stabilty and change in a growth model9-11-06  1:15 pmfinnigan9
Longitudinal modeling - mplus course10-05-06  9:46 amBengt O. Muthen3
Correlated indicator variables10-06-06  6:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Growth curve reliability10-10-06  5:32 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Power analysis for GGMM with distal outcome3-31-08  2:31 pmLinda K. Muthen10
Growth factor intercepts vs means9-23-13  2:18 pmLinda K. Muthen14
Specific case assignment to LCGA/GMM?10-25-06  1:20 pmLinda K. Muthen2
GMM vs. GGMM10-28-06  6:01 amLinda K. Muthen2
Endogenous variables10-31-06  1:15 pmWilliam Dudley3
Growth modeling of reactivity11-04-06  11:51 amJ.D. Haltigan2
Unconditional vs. conditional GMM12-16-11  6:14 amLinda K. Muthen10
Unconditional vs. conditional GMM11-11-06  2:33 amsocrates1
Analysis type in growth modeling11-13-06  8:35 amLinda K. Muthen2
Modeling parallel processes11-15-06  4:19 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Comparing nested GMMs9-04-13  3:18 pmBengt O. Muthen4
The sign of the trend factor 11-17-06  11:13 amBengt O. Muthen2
LL difference testing between two models11-21-06  8:09 amBengt O. Muthen2
LGM in intervention research12-09-08  11:28 amLinda K. Muthen10
Random effects Poisson model11-28-06  1:31 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Nonpositive definite psi matrix2-13-13  3:56 pmLinda K. Muthen14
Integration Points12-01-06  9:42 amLinda K. Muthen2
Singularity in covariance matrix10-25-11  2:53 pmBengt O. Muthen18
Problems with Parameter Estimates12-04-06  8:31 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple group growth modeling5-19-09  10:58 amBengt O. Muthen19
Effect of the dependence on the invariance tests12-04-06  11:47 pmcui bunny0
GMM vs. LCGA - interpretation of classes6-05-13  12:26 pmLinda K. Muthen14
Model Test with growth models2-12-07  6:14 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Two-part model with an ordinal outcome12-13-06  12:06 pmMplususer 6
TECH11 and TECH1410-23-08  9:32 amLinda K. Muthen4
GROWTH CURVE MODELING AND BIOMETRICS12-20-06  9:36 amGeorge E. Higgins5
Latent Growth Curves with Twin Data12-20-06  11:20 amGeorge E. Higgins7
Generating a new latent variable that represents12-21-06  4:01 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Model selection, entropy, processing time1-08-07  10:47 amLinda K. Muthen2
No variation in growth parameter estimates1-10-07  6:54 amLinda K. Muthen2
Growth model for categorical outcome8-24-11  12:25 pmBengt O. Muthen13
(ALT) Models: How To?1-29-13  11:40 amLinda K. Muthen35
Count and continuous variables in PPLGM1-18-07  3:29 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Plot with individually-varying time8-27-08  8:35 pmDaniel E Bontempo9
Autoregressive model vs autocorrelated disturbance1-30-07  12:01 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Standardized parameters in growth modeling9-21-13  11:44 amLinda K. Muthen12
Very unequal time intervals10-21-13  3:04 pmLinda K. Muthen21
Two-part growth model with continuous data11-15-10  8:32 amLinda K. Muthen15
Is TSB2 implented in MPlus2-13-07  8:41 amLinda K. Muthen2
(L)LCA vs GMM2-15-07  5:23 amTrynke Hoekstra5
Problem with adding a quadratic factor2-15-07  9:03 amLinda K. Muthen4
Notation for growth model with ordinal outcome4-07-11  8:53 ammari5
Modeling a quadratic term with three time points2-08-12  6:20 amEFried9
Modeling a quadratic term with three time points2-24-07  4:18 pmBengt O. Muthen2
GCM with Truncated Endogenous Variable2-27-07  8:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
Failure to achieve measurement invariance7-14-10  3:46 pmLinda K. Muthen18
Correlation between intercept and slope2-22-08  8:29 amLinda K. Muthen5
Error decomposition3-04-07  10:20 amSanjoy Bhattacharjee6
2-part piecewise models3-17-07  9:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Outliers/influential case in Single Class Growth10-06-11  8:33 amLinda K. Muthen10
Monte Carlo setup for Growth Model Power Analysis9-17-09  2:07 pmKayo Sady9
Multigroup tests of indirect effects3-19-07  3:26 pmLinda K. Muthen4
MG Growth Mixture Model (Syntax Issue)3-20-07  4:32 pmLinda K. Muthen3
Warning flag for non+ def 1-order deriv matrix4-05-07  3:07 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Individual Growth Parameters 4-13-07  3:39 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Missing data across Class4-20-07  9:00 amLinda K. Muthen2
LCGA Output for Class Membership4-21-07  7:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
GMM, Cont distal outcome, time varying covariate9-01-10  10:13 amLinda K. Muthen14
GGMM equations for ordered & continuous 5-03-07  8:03 amBengt O. Muthen2
Lcgm and binary outcome8-06-10  8:06 amMario Mueller21
Number of observations2-05-12  10:40 amLinda K. Muthen6
Modeling a proportion6-07-07  8:15 amLinda K. Muthen2
Time-lagged discontinuous growth curves6-16-07  6:14 amGregory Smith4
Non-parametric GMM10-25-12  1:19 amDaniel Seddig5
Zero-class in GMM: Model specifications4-27-09  10:04 amLinda K. Muthen10
A lot of questions...6-24-07  12:07 pmfred buschman0
...part two...6-24-07  11:59 amfred buschman0
...part three...6-24-07  12:00 pmfred buschman0
...part 4...6-24-07  12:01 pmfred buschman0
...part 5...6-24-07  11:46 amfred buschman0
...part 6...6-24-07  11:49 amfred buschman0
...part 7...6-24-07  11:50 amfred buschman0
...part 8...6-24-07  11:52 amfred buschman0
...part 9...6-24-07  11:54 amfred buschman0
...part 10...6-24-07  11:55 amfred buschman0
LTA and distal outcomes12-02-10  1:30 pmLinda K. Muthen18
Growth model using zero-inflated poisson model6-28-07  4:34 pmBengt O. Muthen2
GMM and Plotting Both Sample and Estimated Means2-22-12  1:24 pmLinda K. Muthen19
Comparison of LGC and LCGA7-13-07  10:32 amBengt O. Muthen2
GMM warning7-16-07  10:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Joint survival and logit model, selectivity9-30-10  10:33 amBengt O. Muthen8
Beta coefficient into effect size8-01-12  10:28 amLinda K. Muthen13
Model fit9-24-13  11:33 amLinda K. Muthen33
Latent growth curve code9-18-07  5:16 amLinda K. Muthen6
GMM with two growth structures9-20-07  11:42 amBengt O. Muthen3
Individual growth curves9-20-07  11:52 amLinda K. Muthen2
Centering9-20-07  11:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
Age differences in parallel growth processes9-20-07  11:15 amLinda K. Muthen2
MIMIC growth model4-28-13  9:59 amLinda K. Muthen10
GMM with missing/truncated data10-03-07  11:31 amAdam Slez5
Chi-square in discrete-time survival model10-05-07  10:07 amLinda K. Muthen2
Group-based GMM3-26-12  8:09 amLinda K. Muthen16
Zero cells in the bivariate table10-09-07  6:03 amLinda K. Muthen2
Higher Order Latent Growth10-11-07  9:35 amLinda K. Muthen2
Two-class growth and single-class growth10-15-07  3:06 pmAlex Bierman0
Do growth factors have "standard deviations"10-22-07  3:01 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Mplus crash4-23-08  5:56 amLinda K. Muthen8
Power for added growth10-26-07  7:05 pmRichard E. Zinbarg5
Multilevel Latent Growth w/ Unstructured Time11-04-07  8:16 pmJames L. Lewis5
Growth modeling with Count data10-30-07  8:04 amBengt O. Muthen2
Growth model with no intercept10-31-07  9:17 amLinda K. Muthen4
Covariates & Constrained (0) Random Variances11-05-07  7:17 amLinda K. Muthen2
Conditional Mean (Intercept & Slope)11-17-07  6:21 amBengt O. Muthen2
Discrepancies in Estimated Cox PH Coefficients 11-23-07  10:03 amLinda K. Muthen2
Using longtowide6-11-12  11:31 amAlain Girard8
Mixture model for parallel growth11-27-07  11:44 amLinda K. Muthen4
Question about factor means11-27-07  6:26 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Type=RANDOM and standardization11-30-07  6:01 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Testing for intervention effects in LGMs9-13-13  5:42 pmBengt O. Muthen26
Two-part modeling1-31-13  12:33 pmmatteo giletta29
Random Starts8-19-08  11:05 amLinda K. Muthen9
Non linear parametric growth curves12-28-07  9:14 amLinda K. Muthen2
Residual variance/covariance1-31-08  10:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
Two-part growth model2-12-08  9:39 amLinda K. Muthen2
Cells with zero covariance coverage6-20-11  12:53 amKathrin Gasser9
Syntax for basic growth model with ordinal outcome2-13-08  12:02 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Question for chi-square test model fit9-01-09  1:46 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Modeling 3 waves of data as quadratic trajectory2-15-08  6:21 amLinda K. Muthen2
When to run conditional models2-15-08  9:28 amLinda K. Muthen2
LGM to GMM2-15-08  3:15 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Plotting probabilties for categorical outcome2-16-08  4:39 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Slope Growth Factor6-16-08  9:29 amLinda K. Muthen6
Interpreting Linear and Quadratic Slope8-14-12  12:08 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Intercept of outcome variable3-06-08  11:59 pmJean Frisou3
LCGA/GMM with time-varying covariates3-07-08  8:50 amLinda K. Muthen6
Estimated survival probabilities3-12-08  6:03 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Interpreting thresholds (in version 5)3-12-08  6:04 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Ecological Momentary Assessment6-27-11  5:50 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Types of treatment in trajectory classes9-27-08  2:32 pmSusan E. Collins6
Quadratic Effects and Multilevel Growth Modeling6-05-13  6:13 amLinda K. Muthen7
Plot commands about individual growth curves3-26-08  6:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Path diagram for lgc model with binary outcome3-29-08  6:13 amLinda K. Muthen8
Rank Longitudinal Data3-30-08  9:18 amLinda K. Muthen2
Growth model with interval and binary variables4-12-08  8:25 amLinda K. Muthen4
Modeling of parallel process10-17-08  7:20 amJoo-Young Lee10
Interaction between slope and a covariate4-17-08  9:45 amBengt O. Muthen2
Cross-domain versus parallel processes models4-20-08  9:08 amLinda K. Muthen2
Longitudinal Growth Mixture Models7-31-13  9:34 amLinda K. Muthen6
Syntax for curvilinear effects5-20-11  11:01 amLinda K. Muthen4
GMM and multiple indicators5-13-08  1:54 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Semi-Continuous GMM5-13-08  9:57 amLinda K. Muthen2
Comparing slopes in piecewise models5-19-08  8:13 amLinda K. Muthen2
Starting Values in GMM5-29-08  5:41 pmHao Duong3
Associations between slopes and intercepts5-30-08  7:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
Factor Scores as Predictors6-16-08  9:50 amLinda K. Muthen2
Effect of Covariate6-17-08  2:34 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Categorical covariates6-20-08  9:06 amLinda K. Muthen2
OBSERVED INDIVIDUAL growth CURVE6-22-08  6:19 amLinda K. Muthen4
Test the parallel regression assumption 7-07-08  9:41 amLinda K. Muthen8
LGCA and warnings7-07-08  9:42 amLinda K. Muthen2
Savedata for growth factors7-28-08  3:00 amSylvana Robbers6
Mplus Short Courses August 21-22 at Johns Hopkins7-29-08  10:55 amBengt O. Muthen1
Odds ratio output for LGMM7-30-08  11:41 amAnthony Mancini3
Negative Covariate on Negative Slope5-06-11  9:33 amBengt O. Muthen11
Effects of covariates10-03-09  8:56 amLinda K. Muthen8
Longitudinal Data Analysis Excercises8-05-08  2:30 pmBengt O. Muthen1
Modeling with Time-Varying Covariates10-19-13  5:12 pmScott Smith6
Missing Data Analysis Exercise: Pattern-Mixture 8-05-08  3:07 pmBengt O. Muthen1
Missing Data Excercise Cont'd: References8-05-08  3:10 pmBengt O. Muthen1
Estimating Power and required Sample in GMM Models8-21-08  4:01 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Time Points Varying Across Students11-30-09  5:41 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Prelim analysis with ANOVA? 8-29-08  8:41 amLinda K. Muthen2
Missingness in semicontinuous model9-02-08  11:35 amBengt O. Muthen2
Practice or retesting effects9-20-08  4:36 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Graphing growth cuves for different groups9-23-08  4:46 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Growth modeling with many time points9-27-08  11:08 amBengt O. Muthen3
Small sample size10-03-08  9:03 amLinda K. Muthen2
Parallel processes with multiple outcomes11-01-08  3:11 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Multiple indicator linear growth models11-13-08  8:31 amMilena Falcaro0
Missing at random and covariates11-21-08  6:04 amBengt O. Muthen4
Individual estimates of growth factors in LGM11-25-08  6:34 amLinda K. Muthen2
Growth Mixture Modeling with Unbalanced Data12-05-08  6:25 amLinda K. Muthen2
Non-convergence with centered data12-14-08  12:46 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Correlated Residuals with Categorical Dependents12-14-08  3:22 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Modeling intecept by T0 measure12-18-08  2:00 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Cohort sequential designs12-18-08  4:24 amDaniel Rodriguez3
Constraining correlations instead of covariances6-27-12  9:02 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Covariates at second time point1-14-09  12:36 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Confirmatory GGMM?1-15-09  11:16 amJessica Saunders3
Knownclass1-26-09  5:01 pmBengt O. Muthen9
LGMM with nested data1-23-09  2:10 pmAnthony Mancini3
Plotting estimated factors1-22-09  10:05 pmDavid S. DeGarmo3
Entropy and interpretation1-23-09  5:45 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Control variables in longitudinal model1-27-09  10:42 amLinda K. Muthen6
Fit ARMA model in latent growth model in Mplus2-05-09  1:20 pmBengt O. Muthen2
LGM with ZIP2-09-09  11:47 amDaniel Rodriguez5
Number of observations5-11-11  3:36 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Time score estimation and GMM2-11-09  6:22 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Modeling intraindividual variability4-27-11  5:59 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Effect size of predictor?2-16-09  4:59 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Input question based on LSAY example2-18-09  5:17 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Error variance. 2-18-09  10:11 amLinda K. Muthen2
Effects of trends on levels2-25-09  9:14 amBengt O. Muthen2
Degrees of freedom in example 6.143-03-09  1:40 pmLinda K. Muthen9
CFA & EFA in Multiple indicator growth model 3-09-09  7:00 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Comparing Type=Mean Structure and Type=Random3-08-09  7:18 pmCelia Huang0
MGA in parallel process model3-10-09  6:32 amJM2
SAVEDATA command10-16-13  4:02 pmLinda K. Muthen9
Latent distal regressed onto GGMM3-13-09  3:31 pmKeri Jowers13
Error intercorrelations3-20-09  12:02 pmBengt O. Muthen5
TSCORES without "|"?11-21-12  1:00 amJon Heron16
Latent distal/ggmm regression with knownclass3-21-09  2:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Longtowide3-25-09  1:59 pmRAlgesheimer0
Multiple indicator LGM4-08-09  9:17 amLinda K. Muthen6
Regressing covariates on slope4-05-09  12:41 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Chi-sq diff testing4-27-11  7:23 ammihyun park2
Estimation steps and samples9-28-13  7:44 amBrianna H7
How to Obtain Asymptotic Covariance Matrices8-23-11  11:55 amLinda K. Muthen6
Too much data?4-29-09  12:28 pmJessica Saunders3
Extreme skew in longitudinal model4-24-09  3:36 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Split plot question5-12-09  9:46 amLinda K. Muthen7
Survival analysis of two time to event outcomes4-22-13  10:20 amDavid Kerr9
Partial measurement invariance5-12-09  8:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error message about untrustworthy standard error5-14-09  10:32 amLinda K. Muthen2
Seasonal effects5-26-09  10:10 amIsaac3
Longitudindal invariance analysis8-27-09  2:12 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Parallel process regress on covariates5-29-09  5:18 pmBengt O. Muthen2
PPM6-05-09  9:17 amLinda K. Muthen2
Question about plots6-05-09  10:21 amBengt O. Muthen4
Linear growth model with binary outcome6-05-09  10:34 amSarah Dauber0
Covariates and their interaction terms. 6-08-09  11:35 amLinda K. Muthen2
Cohort effects6-29-09  11:00 amBengt O. Muthen2
GMM and missings8-15-09  6:21 amBella12
Linear Hypothesis Test? 8-05-09  9:46 amLinda K. Muthen2
Test for autocorrelation8-07-09  2:57 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Positive linear slope, negative quadratic slope8-10-09  10:50 amGareth1
Class specific constraints in LCGA8-17-09  10:08 amLinda K. Muthen6
Multiple Groups on a Single Graph8-14-09  1:14 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Intercept loadings8-18-09  7:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
DTSA - output interpretation8-24-09  7:21 amLinda K. Muthen2
Obtaning and comparing predicted values9-03-09  12:26 pmKelvin Choi4
Constraints in a GMM8-31-09  7:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error trying to plot8-31-09  1:00 pmBella2
Sample and estimated means9-02-09  5:14 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Correlated slopes4-21-11  8:06 amBengt O. Muthen6
Fit indices and stand residus with nonnormal data9-13-09  12:00 pmBengt O. Muthen2
XWITH w/ multi indicator quadratic growth model9-23-09  6:13 amLinda K. Muthen2
ALT with explicit residual AR & ALT for Count data9-25-09  6:32 pmIlya Yaroslavsky0
Count as DV9-25-09  6:34 pmIlya Yaroslavsky0
Local solution problem??9-28-09  7:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
Cubic spline model9-28-11  5:46 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Intercept/slope correlations10-12-09  2:11 pmAmir Sariaslan4
Regression of slope on intercept10-06-09  6:15 pmBengt O. Muthen2
GMM with standardized variables10-08-09  6:53 amJon Heron3
Predicting Dummy Covariate from LGM Model10-11-09  1:25 pmAaron Elkins6
Individually-varying times of observations?10-16-09  9:14 amVictor Heh3
Bootstrap LGC10-19-09  3:26 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Integration dimension10-20-09  11:20 amLinda K. Muthen2
DTSA Power Analysis10-21-09  9:49 amChristian M. Connell4
Growth Model with Latent Predictors10-29-09  9:29 amLinda K. Muthen4
Effect size10-29-09  9:33 amLinda K. Muthen2
Confidence interval for distal outcome regression11-05-09  6:41 amLinda K. Muthen2
Growth curve modeling with multiple imputation8-02-13  10:26 amLinda K. Muthen11
Coupling-Effect - Interpretation11-27-09  6:19 amDr. Walter H. Schrei0
Small sample for LGA?11-27-09  4:36 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Problem with variable / Tech412-02-09  6:22 amLinda K. Muthen2
A question about TSCORES12-04-09  6:43 amJon Heron0
Coupling Effects < 0.00012-04-09  9:52 amLinda K. Muthen4
Interpretation of results with covariates2-23-10  4:23 pmLinda K. Muthen13
GMM with type=complex12-11-09  6:43 amLinda K. Muthen2
Parameter as a "function of change"1-07-10  10:03 amLinda K. Muthen2
Reordering classes1-13-10  2:05 amMarianne SB4
Cross loadings in measurement instrument1-21-10  10:17 amBengt O. Muthen2
Hierachical effects of covariates in parallel GMM1-27-10  10:58 amLinda K. Muthen6
Sample selection and missing data4-07-10  6:16 pmBengt O. Muthen13
Model Fit Statistics2-05-10  9:13 amLinda K. Muthen6
Contradicting results in GGMM2-08-10  8:04 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Longitudinal proportion data2-10-10  9:09 amLinda K. Muthen2
First order autoregressive error covariance2-27-10  6:31 amBengt O. Muthen7
Power analysis on Latent Growth Mixture Model2-12-10  12:39 pmHong Xian0
Model warning in LCGA2-15-10  1:52 amDidi Rhebergen0
Linear Spline Model11-06-11  10:16 amLinda K. Muthen6
GMM Residuals2-20-10  9:49 amLinda K. Muthen2
FIi Indices3-03-10  11:05 amLinda K. Muthen4
Handling missingness and zeros2-22-10  8:27 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Latent growth modeling of binary outcome in Mplus3-16-10  5:39 pmLinda K. Muthen11
Multiple group analysis within GGMM7-13-12  7:54 amCarolin12
Intraclass Correlation in unconditional means 3-03-10  11:01 amLinda K. Muthen2
LGCM regression slope on intercept vs. correlation3-05-10  8:36 amLinda K. Muthen2
Inequality constraints in a growth model3-09-10  11:20 amJon Heron3
Multicollinearity in LGM3-18-10  7:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
Understanding Implications of setting variance3-19-10  11:22 amLinda K. Muthen4
When do I use linear growth model?3-17-10  12:03 pmarchangel0
Error when correlating residuals3-29-10  9:03 amLinda K. Muthen2
Mplus versions4-12-10  5:31 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Correlation of covariances4-14-10  8:00 amLinda K. Muthen2
Receiving estimates to more decimal places4-21-10  10:57 amLinda K. Muthen2
Interpretating LGC results for argument4-26-10  11:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
Interpretation of Y-axis in parallel GGMM4-27-10  9:57 amLinda K. Muthen2
Equivalent models in sequential LGCM4-28-10  8:21 amLinda K. Muthen2
Monte Carlo Simulation of Survival Data5-04-10  11:44 amTihomir Asparouhov2
Individually varying occasions with nested models5-07-10  9:05 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple group growth curve-complete missing data5-11-10  9:47 amLinda K. Muthen4
Status change model5-23-10  11:18 amBengt O. Muthen4
Multigroup comparison9-02-10  7:43 amLinda K. Muthen4
Calculating Probabilities in growth model5-22-10  5:31 pmJodie Ullman3
Ceiling effect in growth curve analyses8-10-10  11:59 amLinda K. Muthen6
Monte Carlo data generation for DTSA power 6-15-10  9:07 amLinda K. Muthen2
Dynamic #discrete# choice models in MPlus6-18-10  5:19 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Scaling in semi-continuous model6-18-10  3:48 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Parallel growth model and zero cases4-07-12  9:06 amTor Neilands9
Survival analysis without time-censoring6-28-10  11:25 amTihomir Asparouhov2
LGCA with (unused) predictors in the dataset7-09-10  8:29 amKatherine Raczynski3
Growth factor covariances with quadratic growth7-15-10  8:01 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multivariate LGM, growth factor corrs >1.07-16-10  10:45 amLinda K. Muthen5
Modeling trajectory for latent variables7-22-10  2:26 pmLinda K. Muthen2
GMM with type=complex5-18-11  6:48 amLinda K. Muthen4
GMM with different growth parameters8-05-10  6:20 amLinda K. Muthen4
Quadratic growth model with ZIP variables8-05-10  10:27 amLinda K. Muthen2
GMM with distal outcome12-03-10  6:13 pmLinda K. Muthen17
Growth: multi-group pretest/postest & clustered9-03-10  9:24 amLinda K. Muthen2
GCM with chronological age on x-axis9-10-10  2:42 pmRachael Bedford3
Specifying a second order curve model9-13-10  9:38 amLinda K. Muthen2
Incorrect Covariance Coverage4-26-12  1:47 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Incremental Fit Indices 9-20-10  4:26 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Parallel growth and survival modeling9-22-10  4:39 pmAmir Sariaslan3
Latent curve modeling with Couple data9-23-10  2:38 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Interaction term with growth trajectory10-18-10  1:14 pmLinda K. Muthen2
GMM and multi-level data10-25-10  11:58 amLinda K. Muthen4
Growth model with Version 6.0 and Version 5.210-21-10  9:57 amLinda K. Muthen2
Question about data import and ouputs export10-22-10  9:52 amLinda K. Muthen4
Warnings about starts value10-24-10  9:05 amLinda K. Muthen3
Autocorrelation in a Monte Carlo10-25-10  12:01 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Post-Hoc - Differences at Each Time Point10-25-10  1:50 pmBengt O. Muthen2
GMM/LCGA -- non-linear with few time points11-10-10  11:03 amBengt O. Muthen2
Categorial predictor of Latent Growth model11-17-10  8:17 amDaniëlle Van der Gie3
Estimated means and variance for LGC models11-22-10  8:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
SEM with Cross Sectional-Time Series Data11-25-10  9:29 amLinda K. Muthen5
Measurement distance problem11-27-10  1:04 pmIsaac Galatzer-Levy5
Multiple indicator LGM - Slope variance11-30-10  6:44 amSteffen Nestler4
Class-specific time scores12-02-10  10:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
Time unstructured data with two slopes12-10-10  6:49 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Plotting piecewise models12-08-10  9:41 amLinda K. Muthen2
Fit indices in complex survey data (TSCORE)12-09-10  3:18 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Planned comparisons of slopes12-13-10  4:43 pmWu wenfeng7
Analysis of change without latent variables12-15-10  5:20 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Mediate effect12-29-10  8:42 amLinda K. Muthen6
Starting value12-27-10  6:00 amLinda K. Muthen4
Multivariate survival analysis12-30-10  5:51 amLinda K. Muthen4
Association between a stable slope and an outcome12-28-10  12:13 pmKate Stringer0
Plotting growth curves with varying time scores2-03-11  6:26 amGareth3
Thresholds2-16-11  6:25 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Negative binomial growth model6-23-13  1:19 pmDaniel Seddig5
Latent Curve Modeling3-10-11  8:35 amLinda K. Muthen2
Categorical indep var in cross-lagged panel10-21-13  8:31 amLinda K. Muthen19
Software for plotting growth curves3-18-11  9:27 amGareth1
Measuring over time growth, but not on individuals3-31-11  12:56 pmKaty Pearce6
Optimal decision of LRT4-11-11  10:49 amLinda K. Muthen17
Process Mixture4-08-11  8:49 pmBengt O. Muthen4
T-Score question4-14-11  12:09 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Modelling change in 2 repeated meausres9-21-11  8:43 amXu, Man13
Adjusted estimated means plot5-16-11  5:49 amJon Heron3
High Correlation Between S and Q6-01-11  10:38 amLinda K. Muthen6
Syntax for modeling "holiday effects"6-09-11  2:13 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Negative Variance in Growth Factor6-07-11  6:40 pmChong M. Chow3
Recommend and article?6-06-11  6:20 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Covariances vs Correlations7-12-12  10:04 amLinda K. Muthen4
Default in GMM6-16-11  12:44 amCarolin3
Mixed ANOVA using sampling weights?6-15-11  10:03 amLinda K. Muthen2
LONGTOWIDE6-25-11  12:43 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Plots when modeling categorical data6-29-11  10:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Covariates with LCGA7-03-11  10:05 amLinda K. Muthen2
Increase model fit9-13-11  9:15 amLinda K. Muthen4
Two level continuous time survival analysis1-11-12  8:40 amBengt O. Muthen10
Fit data to Zero-inflated Poisson 10-06-11  6:33 amRuixue Wang20
Parallel Process and Multi-level Modeling7-28-11  5:28 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Interaction covariates (intercept & slope)1-08-12  5:04 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Standard disturbances reporting8-25-11  8:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Latent growth modeling with three time points data10-17-11  1:05 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Getting Mplus to properly read data9-20-11  2:39 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Why a WITH statement affects the model fit9-24-11  8:12 amLinda K. Muthen2
Simulation of overdispersion in LGM9-25-11  9:33 amLinda K. Muthen2
Covariances among growth parameters in LGCM9-29-11  9:17 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Effect size & slope var for multiple indicator LGM10-04-11  4:02 pmBruce A. Cooper8
LGM with binary outcomes10-13-11  1:30 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Continuous time and unbalanced measurement7-12-13  10:20 amLinda K. Muthen7
Modeling interaction effects in LGCA10-27-11  6:26 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Multicollinearity bivariate autoregressive model 10-01-13  3:54 amSocialPsychology12
Growth model for three parallel processes 10-26-11  5:03 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Interpret the growth factor means (binary obs var)11-07-11  10:15 amOiman Kwok3
Freed loading growth11-01-11  5:38 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Simulating LGM models11-23-11  1:19 amJon Heron6
Input12-05-11  9:10 pmpussycat_schnooks@ya3
Plots12-08-11  9:49 amLinda K. Muthen2
Ploting trajectories of multiple subscales12-11-11  3:49 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Multilevel piecewise latent growth model12-12-11  6:22 pmLinda K. Muthen2
CPROB output12-12-11  6:18 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Growth Model Questions12-19-11  4:28 pmLinda K. Muthen10
Weighted Analyses1-09-12  10:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
The number of characters in input line 1-11-12  8:59 pmSoyoung Kwon3
TSCORE: time variation only available in wave 31-16-12  10:38 amLinda K. Muthen7
Minimum time points needed for LCGA1-17-12  2:04 pmLinda K. Muthen2
RMESA CI1-17-12  10:20 amLinda K. Muthen2
Fixing outcome intercepts for parametrization?2-07-12  7:51 amDayuma Vargas5
Latent Interactions in Growth Curve Modeling7-02-13  5:59 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Mediation Growth Curve Modeling2-01-12  5:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
Conditional effects model2-11-12  4:46 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Chi-Square Test for the Baseline Model2-06-12  8:18 pmIgor Himelfarb5
Parallel growth curve process: error message2-06-12  4:29 pmradanielina-hita mar5
Question on Muthén et al. (2011)2-08-12  8:11 amLinda K. Muthen2
Effect size2-10-12  10:14 amLinda K. Muthen2
Latent Class Growth Anlaysis Quadratic Issue2-10-12  10:06 amLinda K. Muthen2
MIMIC LGM Model2-27-12  11:30 amLinda K. Muthen6
Olsen and Schafer(20010 method and TSCORES option2-19-12  3:11 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Psi matrix troubles2-24-12  11:21 amLinda K. Muthen6
Covariance matrix - toplix or homogeneous?2-22-12  2:19 pmBengt O. Muthen3
ML-GMM with different within-level variables?2-26-12  11:07 amLinda K. Muthen4
Significant slope with WLSMV but not MLR estimator2-29-12  2:26 pmLinda K. Muthen3
How to interpret the mean of stvc?3-06-12  1:17 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Growth model and covariate adjustment3-10-12  9:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
J-shaped Likert items/scales3-18-12  9:46 amLinda K. Muthen2
No growth3-22-12  9:02 amLinda K. Muthen2
Plausible values with varying times of observation3-27-12  2:55 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Coefficient changes when introducing MGA to PPM3-29-12  4:23 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Set Bayesian Priors in LGM7-08-13  10:20 amS.Arunachalam11
How to interpret continuous-time survival analysis4-13-12  8:26 amLinda K. Muthen2
Number of INTEGRATION9-27-13  7:47 amKaterina Gk11
Interpreting GGMM error messages (various)4-16-12  12:44 pmThomas Wicker0
Significant effect on insignificant slope?4-17-12  10:24 amLinda K. Muthen2
Nested model4-17-12  5:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
GMM Introduction & Sample Size4-25-12  11:05 amLinda K. Muthen2
Add latent covariate to Level and Shape Model5-03-12  11:44 amLinda K. Muthen2
Growth process in meal composition study5-07-12  7:21 amNicola Spiller3
Model fits linear latent growth model5-07-12  7:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Moderation in a Growth model for two processes6-06-12  9:55 amAna Margarida Graça4
Growth modeling with data missing by design7-09-12  8:47 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Predictors of decline5-16-12  9:15 amAlex K.0
Univariate ALT model6-04-12  5:44 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Growth curve multilevel modeling6-03-12  6:30 amLinda K. Muthen7
Multilevel growth modeling6-28-12  5:35 amLinda K. Muthen8
GMM: Fixing Common Intercepts with Random Slopes6-14-12  11:27 amLinda K. Muthen4
LGM interpretation6-21-12  3:43 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Bootstrapped standard errors6-27-12  11:15 amDaniel Rodriguez6
Correlations > 17-12-12  10:01 amLinda K. Muthen4
Monte carlo study with GMM7-10-12  6:04 pmGary Chan5
LGM with "underdispered" count data 7-10-12  6:55 pmcathy labrish3
Mod index of an indicator ON itself7-15-12  9:49 amLinda K. Muthen2
Equality constraints in cohort sequential design9-27-13  10:52 amLinda K. Muthen5
Second order growth model1-21-13  8:12 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Getting SRMR in a cohort sequential model7-27-12  3:15 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Missing outcome and classification quality8-03-12  12:06 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Finding breakpoint in a piecewise model8-09-12  10:38 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple group multiple cohort growth model query9-12-12  6:56 amLinda K. Muthen7
Intercepts in orderered logit9-10-12  10:14 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple Indicator Linear Growth Model9-10-12  2:25 pmBengt O. Muthen4
SEM with latent growth9-19-12  12:01 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple group analysis for count outcome LGC9-19-12  3:46 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Randomized Clinical Trial 10-02-12  10:32 amLinda K. Muthen5
Why slope variance changes in growth models12-06-12  8:35 amBengt O. Muthen7
Time varying covariates12-13-12  3:20 pmDonald A. Lloyd8
Parallel process model with interations11-02-12  1:54 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Pre post data with pre post mediator8-13-13  9:10 amLinda K. Muthen4
LCGM with covariates11-15-12  9:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
Correlations with covariates11-22-12  8:20 amLinda K. Muthen2
Simultaneaous MODEL TEST statements vs one12-04-12  11:09 amBengt O. Muthen4
Zero-class in LCGA with categorical outcomes12-11-12  4:02 pmJacqueline Homel3
Zero-inflated model w/ categorical covariate12-10-12  6:54 pmBrianna H3
Parallel process count and continuous outcomes12-12-12  8:48 amLinda K. Muthen4
Reporting negative binomial LGM results12-13-12  6:54 pmBengt O. Muthen6
A negative variance/residual variance for i?12-27-12  12:13 pmPing Li3
Conditional Model4-18-13  7:51 amCarolin18
Higher-order Multivariate growth curve models1-07-13  12:09 pmLinda K. Muthen3
Individually time-varying measurements 1-08-13  3:09 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Multilevel LGC with unequal time intervals1-14-13  6:06 amLinda K. Muthen6
Measurement invariance bi-factor growth model1-18-13  3:06 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Matched case-control analysis.1-31-13  8:56 amBengt O. Muthen2
Observed by latent variable interaction2-05-13  2:19 pmSarah Racz3
Time points for Cubic GMM2-07-13  11:33 pmJonathan Codell5
Mid-point intercept in growth curve analysis2-08-13  6:05 amLinda K. Muthen2
Meaning of WITH on %BETWEEN% level?2-12-13  12:01 amBertolt Meyer3
Dummy-Coded Predictors2-15-13  2:13 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Reading CSV into Mplus2-15-13  8:08 amAron Lindberg0
Getting posterior class probabilities for cases?2-15-13  8:11 amAron Lindberg0
Large variances3-04-13  7:36 pmJan Newman3
Non significant VLMR concerns3-05-13  6:34 amLinda K. Muthen2
Non-Linear Constraint in Survival Analysis3-12-13  11:46 amLinda K. Muthen4
Fixing residual variance to zero3-26-13  6:08 amLinda K. Muthen4
Individual varying times of observation3-13-13  6:00 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Possible incorrect assignment to class 3-21-13  1:34 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Structure of data for LGC modeling3-24-13  10:22 amBengt O. Muthen2
Relating three sets of classes in Mplus4-03-13  4:43 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Predicting Future Observations4-09-13  1:52 pmLinda K. Muthen7
Attrition analysis 4-12-13  10:37 amLinda K. Muthen2
LGM with time varying covariates4-16-13  3:24 amDaniel Rodriguez5
Intercept with slope is not significant4-30-13  7:30 amIris Au 6
Competing Risk Model4-26-13  12:46 pmBrian Rickard3
Use Growth Curves for Imbalanced Crossover Design?5-28-13  1:30 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Person fit?5-31-13  8:45 amBengt O. Muthen4
Relative vs. absolute differences6-07-13  1:00 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Modeling Outcomes of Change6-12-13  8:41 amBengt O. Muthen2
Plots for Growth Curves Mplus 7.16-13-13  6:36 amLinda K. Muthen2
Individual vs multigroup model fit6-13-13  11:43 amJaclyn Weisman0
Interpret coefficients for regression w/intercept6-21-13  4:19 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Zero-inflated data in LCGA6-21-13  3:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Interaction in Growth Modeling7-02-13  6:02 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Item intercepts in bi-factor model7-02-13  7:46 amXu, Man3
Conditional LCGA/GMM with missing data7-09-13  8:52 amLinda K. Muthen5
Plot: estimated mean and estimed individual values7-11-13  7:36 amBengt O. Muthen2
Multiple group analysis7-31-13  11:32 amLinda K. Muthen2
Plots8-01-13  10:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
Hierarchical IRT model8-02-13  8:13 amBengt O. Muthen2
Bracketed Factor?8-02-13  1:38 pmJim Hamilton3
Significance Testing of Variance Components 8-09-13  11:59 amIgor Himelfarb5
Indirect effect of parallel process of LGM8-07-13  4:00 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Moderators in LGM8-13-13  10:34 amBengt O. Muthen2
Negative residual variance9-01-13  3:26 pmDaniel Rodriguez3
Parallel process GMM - Z scores?9-20-13  12:04 pmLinda K. Muthen6
GMM - including covariates or not?9-12-13  1:29 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Interpretations of interactions in LGCM9-24-13  11:34 amLinda K. Muthen4
Fixing non-significant slopes - or not?9-21-13  11:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
Bivariate latent growth with latent moderation9-24-13  11:35 amLinda K. Muthen2
Constrain TSCORES in a Monte Carlo Growth Model9-27-13  3:48 pmLinda K. Muthen9
Effect size for within subject longitudinal change9-27-13  10:54 amLinda K. Muthen4
GMM - variance of slope is fixed to be 09-26-13  10:22 amLinda K. Muthen2
Procedure for parallel process GMM10-01-13  1:35 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Constraining slopes to equality9-25-13  3:24 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Loglikelihood for H0 in VLMR and BLRT tests10-07-13  11:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
New 3-step approach for GMM with covariates10-21-13  5:06 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Problems using a continuos covariate in GMM10-17-13  8:26 amLinda K. Muthen8
Differing number of response categories 10-09-13  10:19 amLinda K. Muthen2
Zero inflated variables in a GMM10-20-13  7:35 amLinda K. Muthen4
Zero class in a Two-part GMM10-21-13  5:05 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Joinpoint analysis?10-21-13  5:00 pmLinda K. Muthen2
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